About Us

1. He is addicted to the TV network, Bravo.
Reality TV is his duty pleasure! Lol 2. He has a twin brother named Aaron.
Not identical but definitely look like twins! 3. His family has been in the food industry for
almost 10 years and one of his favorite things on
his resume is being a restaurant server! 4. The tv show project runway is what sparked
his love for fashion many years ago. 5.His favorite Starbucks drink is a white chocolate
mocha with 3 extra pumps of chocolate!

Andrew Studied Communications and education at
West Texas A&M in Canyon Texas. An Olton native.
Found a passion early on for fashion, art, and design.
Worked through college at retail stores like
American Eagle and Aeropostale.
1. Her favorite hobby is Shopping! Like really really.
You know the adrenaline you get on a roller coaster?
She gets the same rush hunting at market for
the perfect items for Fleurish! 2. She was raised showing livestock and now has her
hand in the family business of raising show pigs.
3. Her favorite tv series right now are
Game of Thrones and Gossip Girl. 4. Her favorite drink from Tea to Go is a Bahama Mama.
5. She is happily married to her college sweetheart
Ran. They are celebrating their 6th year of marriage.
She also has the sweetest little 2 1/2 year old boy
named Slayde.